Optional Configurations

The LCT Trade Evidence Comparison Microscope is a modular system, offering a wide variety of configurations to fit a variety of screening applications.
 Configuration Options include:
LCT with transmitted light LCT with Fluorescence BF POL lighting option

Imaging Options

Transmitted Light Reflected Light
Bright Field (BF) Bright Field (BF)
Dark Field (DF) Dark Field (DF)
Polarized (POL) Polarized (POL)
Phase Contrast Fluorescence
Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
Dispersion Staining

Hardware Options

Dual View Attachement (See Dual View webpage)
Multiple Viewing  Customizable to meet your training & consulting needs
Rotary Stages Customizable with Leeds Ergo Controls (ergonomic extension stage controls)
Rectangular Stages Fixed stage or with coaxial drive mechanical stage 
Various Binocular Head Designs Fixed viewing angle, tilting and telescoping with height adjustment
Student Configurations (See LCT-S webpage)

Optional Configurations

Stage Options

Standard Rotary Stage Rotary Stage with
Leeds Ergo Controls
Rectangular Stage
Standard Rotary Stage Rotary Stage with Leeds Ergo Controls

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