Leeds LCT-S Flyer (pdf) 

The LCT-S(student) is perfect microscope for educational settings.  This LCT-S includes a single randomized, calibrated, bifurcated fiber-optic light guide.  Two specimens can be viewed as split-field, superimposed or individual images.  Separate slide controls allow for continuous adjustment from 100% of the left image to 100% of the right image, or any position in-between.  The LCT-S is both color and intensity balanced.

The modular design of the LCT-S makes it possible for transmitted and/or reflected light configurations. The bridge can be used for brightfield, darkfield, polarized light, phase contrast, fluorescence and other contrast methods.

The LCT-S rests on a base plate with a foot print of 24” wide x 24” deep, allowing for easy mobility from classroom to lab environment.
LCT-S Trace Evidence Student Microscope with Dual View accessory option 
The optional Dual View accessory can be added for simultaneous observation of evidence for training and consulting purposes.  The compact footprint (base is 24" wide by 24" deep) takes up minimal work space and can easily be moved from room to room in a teaching facility.  
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