Drug Chemistry

With the growing surge of new designer drugs appearing in crime scene evidence analyzed in forensic laboratories, forensic drug chemists are working overtime to identify these evolving drugs in addition to their research of narcotics and stimulant drugs which are fueling deadly addictions around the country.  Microcrystalline testing can be part of a drug chemist’s toolkit. Fast, highly specific, and inexpensive per-sample, microcrystalline testing on a specially configured Polarized Light Microscope (PLM) can be a helpful tool for drug chemists looking to move through casework helping with identification of methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin.  

The Zeiss AxioScope is one such Polarizing Light Microscope that can be used by drug chemists.  In addition, Leeds Trace-Z Comparison Microscope can assist drug chemists by offering side-by-side comparison of test drug samples and unknown samples.

AxioScope & Trace-Z Flyer (pdf)

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Drug Chemistry
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