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LPA-TCHAL Stereo scope w/Camera & Halogen Ring Lt.

Leeds Stereo Microscope includes Accu-scope trinocular viewing head, Chip Sensors, 2 eyepieces, Leeds boom stand, Articulating boom arm, drop prevention collar, Ultra-compact camera, 1.8 USB cable, Leeds High Clearance Ring Light kit including light, adapter, ferrule and light source, E-Arm bonder arm
$6,107.00 ⁄ Each
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Mag range 6.7x-45x parfocal zoom range (with 10x eyepieces)
.40X M-MT ADPT chip sensors
Eyepieces: WF10x/22mm with built in dioptere adjustment
Stand: Leeds LMS-200 Boom stand - includes stand, base plate and 15 3/4" post
Arm: Leeds LMS-300 Articulated boom arm
Drop prevention collar for boom stand
Ultra-compact, progressive scan, SXGA USB camera
1.8 MP USB cable
E-Arm (Bonder Arm) with 76mm yoke
Leeds LRL-410K High Clearance ring light kit including Ring Light, Adapter, Ferrule and ACE 150W fiber optic cold light source

Please call to discuss quantity discount pricing or additional configurations.

Please allow 30 - 60 days for delivery.
Looking for Lens Cleaner? - Consider adding a bottle of Leeds Lens Cleaner, 1.25 oz. bottle to your order.
Leeds Lens Cleaner