Lighting & Accessories

Lighting & Accessory options for the firearms & tool marks comparison microscopes
Lighting & Accessories

Lighting Options:

  1. Leeds fluorescent-lighting design includes an articulated support arm.  The fluorescent light includes a bright quad-lamp and offers a unique rotating hood to control sample contrast.
  2. Gooseneck-bifurcated fiber-optic light guide with spot lens.
  3. LED spot light on flexible arm.
  4. Leeds LED fiber optic cold light source offers constant color temperature at all intensities with no vibration, no noise,  and low maintenance.  The Leeds LED light source is rated for over 20,000 hours.


  1. Optional 12" table extension can be mounted on either the right or the left side of the table.  Features include neoprene pad and "object roll-off" protection edge.
  2. Optional shelf can be added to accessory post.
  3. Optional monitor arm can be added to accessory post.
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