LSV2 Tutorial Videos

To further assist examiners using the LSV2 in their labs, we've created a YouTube Playlist of LSV2 Tutorial Videos covering a wide range of commonly asked questions when using the LSV2 to view, screen, and document evidence. Topics range from:
  • LSV2 Head Adjustment
  • LSV2 Arm Adjustment
  • Diopter Tutorial
  • Which Diopter to Use
  • Diopter Usage Tutorial
  • Fluorescence Detection
  • Gain Adjustment Tutorial
  • Screening in Fluorescence
  • Mechanisms of Fluorescence
  • Leeds Vision Software Overview
  • Removing LSV2 Head
  • Saving and Exporting Images
  • Screening in Infrared & Violet Light
  • Locating the Small Screen User Interface
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LSV2 Tutorial Videos
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