Ergonomic Design

Egonomic Features of LCF3
Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design of LCF3 table and features includes:

  • Reduced hand-over-wrist motion when adjusting fine-focus units
  • Table allows examiner to be closer to microscope eyepieces, offering a more comfortable seated position
  • Tiltable binocular head adjusts from 5°-35°
  • Positionable Leeds Touch-Pad controls table height, lighting controls, and Z column position
  • Versatile, motorized table with height adjustment from 26"-38"
  • Optional lower height legs available to reduce table height adjustment from 24" - 34"
  • Table designed with Leeds' classic "object roll-off" protection edge
  • Modular design allows for ease of addition options such as right, or left, side dual-view option, a 12" or 16" shelf, a right and/or left side table extension, monitor support arm, keyboard and mouse tray, and a computer leg mount.
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