Leeds' most affordable firearms and tool marks comparison microscope built with Olympus optics
Leeds LCF2 Flyer (pdf)

Introducing the Leeds LCF2 firearms and tool marks comparison microscope.  The LCF2, featuring world-class Olympus apochromatically corrected macro-zoom optical bodies with a 10:1 zoom ratio, built-in aperture diaphragms, and a 26" x 35.5" wood laminated table with motorized height control, is an ideal solution for the cost-conscious forensic laboratory seeking the same quality and versatility found with all Leeds' products.

LCF2 Lighting Options include:

  • Pair of 5000K 13W Fluorescent quad lamp lights with articulating support arms and rotating hoods to control sample contrast.
  • Dual 18" gooseneck light guide with 30" flexible fiber bundle with either halogen or LED light source.
  • LED Spot light.
U.S. Government Agencies may now purchase Leeds' forensic products including the Discovery, LCF3, LCF2, LCT, LSV2, and N-IRC directly through GSA Schedule Contract #GS-07F-097CA.
GSA Schedule Contract #GS07F097CA

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