Introducing the Discovery-Z motorized comparison microscope, designed and built by Leeds with Zeiss optics.

Discovery-Z Brochure

The Discovery-Z features include:
  • Over 900 matched magnification set points (with a 1.0x objective)
  • 23mm field of view
  • Real-time tactile touch stage controls (provides the feeling similar to controlling non-motorized stages)
  • Large 9"x7" stages with 3-axis motion
  • Direct measurement in both X and Y axis of samples on both the left and right stage
  • Sychronized or independent stage control capabilities with the touch of a button
  • Work station allows examiner to access freestanding stages from multiple angles and examine larger pieces of evidence
  • Direct interface with the Zeiss Zen software
  • Software/Hardware package allows automated control of Z-stack, stitched and panoramic images
  • Optional Camera Port offering 70/30 ratio of optical split view.
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